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New Reaction Bubblegum

New Reaction Bubblegum

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Reaction is a next generation 'gamer fuel'.

E-sports optimized.

We've removed all of the unnecessary 'bulk' from our formula. We want Reaction to be the CLEANEST gamer fuel.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Brandon Corbeau
Not the greatest but definitely not the worst

I found with the recommended amount, it was very powerful bubblegum flavour/powder taste, when lowered the amount and added more water, flavour definitely cut down but powder feel and taste remained.

Streamer approved

The bubblegum is very flavorful. I found that it's best when cold, but also has like a sour taste as well. The product itself is neatly packaged and easy to read. I would however, add a nutrition table on the containers so everyone knows what's in it instead of having to go online and look it up. I would also highly suggest a sugar content as well due to myself being diabetic. Granted, it barely raised my glucose level, but another flavor might. The energy and ability to be able to focus is fantastic!!!! I was able to play sea of thieves for about 12 hours straight without loosing focus. And those that watched my stream were very engrossed in what was going on.

Steven Dalhuisen
great drink

was an amazing flavour and tasted fantastic will totally buy again

Brandon Dew
Was recommended to this by a game streamer.

The first pre work that I have had that does not taste bad, bitter, or require a lot of mixing / filling to get it down. I love it.

personal opinion

all i have to say it's pretty good it almost tastes just like bubble gum aside from the initial tase aside from that i would recommend constant shaking going for another slurp or else It tastes bland or watterd down.