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Your Flavor
Derek Rockel
Want to cancel it

Been asking to no longer have my own flavor and would like it removed from your website and no longer charge my credit card for it.

New Big Brain
Oluwaseye Adetula
Really Big Brain

Started using this not only for gaming, but for work as well. I can definitely see a improvement in my thinking and my focus and as someone diagnosed with ADHD, I can say this is a godsend!


I loved the flavor! I love the no crash afterwards. Amazing product! Definitely time to restock🦾👑🏁

Amazing flavour

Super flavourful no chalky taste and no jitters

Reaction V2 Bubblegum
Brandon Dew
Was recommended to this by a game streamer.

The first pre work that I have had that does not taste bad, bitter, or require a lot of mixing / filling to get it down. I love it.

Your Flavor
Matt Sisson
Blue energy blast is amazing !

If you want a refreshing blast of energy then Blue Energy Blast is for you! Great blue raspberry flavour with no chalky feeling from the powder

Your Flavor
Jason Whalen
Best custom flavor

Taste great custom container and fast shipping. Love the products does what it says it's meant to do

Swift Shaker
Jeffrey Namanny
Love it

Great shaker, love the shape.

Your Flavor
Paul Guffey
Why I love the product

I have stomach issues and for the first time I can use a supplement thanks to swift lifestyles. They are also very supportive of content creators

Your Flavor
Mr Shadab Khan

Your Flavor

Starter Kit
Jason Mattson

Starter Kit

Panda Punch
Pretty dang good

Taste is great with no bad after taste. Very good drink mix overall.

Adam Dingman
Actually not bad!

When my friend Shanny got this deal I bought it to support her but was actually surprised at how good it was! Not too sour and you can't really taste the powder like you can with some other drinks of this type! Kind of wish the label would show her branding and some of her work on it or at least her face but still not a bad start I actually really liked the product itself once I got it and hope it does well enough for them to expand it!

From the Creator

This was my idea, my "flavor." Let me know what you think!

Your Flavor
Renee Garson

it’s good

Do not Dry Scoop

Taste great, not over powering. Highly recommended.

personal opinion

all i have to say it's pretty good it almost tastes just like bubble gum aside from the initial tase aside from that i would recommend constant shaking going for another slurp or else It tastes bland or watterd down.

Your Flavor
Angel Duarte

Your Flavor

I want more!

It's delicious and mixes in really well! None of that grainy texture in my drink! I only wish there was more in a tub!

Pepto Power Punch
Pepto Klepto
My Own Flavor?! Yes!

When SwiftLifestyles asked me to pick my own flavor I was excited! Pepto Power Punch hits you with an awesome Fruit Punch flavor and enough energy and focus to land those sick 180-degree no scopes! I love it as much as I love PeptoBismol!!!

StarrEElicious Razz

Tastes just like Raspberry, helped me stayed focused and did help boost my energy!

Starter Kit
Hunter Allaman

Starter Kit

Blue Illusion
taste design quantity

excellent taste exactly how it should very good quantity

Soothing Surge!

Normally green apple flavors can be too sour and make your throat hurt from drinking it too much. Not this one. It goes down smooth has a nice granny smith flavor without all the bite that usually comes with sour stuff. It's like sour skittles without destroying your tongue. Love it very much and can't wait for grape 😅 😂 🤣

Your Flavor
Scott Wood
Peaches and Cream

Try blending peach candy and cream sofa for a PEACHES AND CREAM