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Based on 193 reviews
Better than Gfuel

I recently tried Gfuel and Compared it to swift Lifestyles brand and I get way more focus drinking swift Lifestyles brand vs Gfuel I love the energy boost and concentration I get from your brand @SwiftLifestyles

Blue Sour Strip Review

Great taste, provides a good clean boost, awesome for an everyday drink. honestly love it my fav flavor so far keep it up guys :)

Perfect little shaker

This is a solid shaker. No leaks, no drips, and the blender ball does its job. The colouring is really well done as well. Would prefer a full-sized 28oz version, but half-sized is perfectly suited for one serving of Swift Reaction.

It tasted good and the effects were amazing l. But there was a chalky after taste and slime film residue in my mouth, after drinking it

Great Shaker

Perfect Shaker. Lid stays nice and tight dont have to worry about it popping open and spilling and its the perfect size for a serving!

Great company to work with. They get you what you ordered quickly

My thoughts on blue sour strip

I love it. The only reason I didn't go for 5 stars is only because I think it's a little to sweet and not so much sour like I was expecting. Other than that the flavor is really good.


The shaker was a lot smaller then I anticipated but the product was awesome thank you taste grrrreeeaaatt !!

Druids Shaker

Reaction v2 blue sour strip is amazing just wish there where more flavor and shaker bottle selections


I initially thought that this was just a scam to get me to waste my money on flavored water, but its not! When I drink the Reaction V2 Blue Sour Strip 30 minutes before I game, my reaction times becomes at least 50% better than if I don't have the Reaction. Amazing product and an Amazing company.

Not impressed

Flavor wasn't that great, and the container even though rather big, it's only about 1/4 - 1/3 full. Disappointing to open the container to find so much empty space.

Great drink

Love the taste and the fact it keeps my energy drink drinking non existent.


Product was great! I usually started noticing a difference after about 10 min. And I was usually good for a couple hours!

Good flavor

I’ve had my share of different types of energy drinks and blue sour is easily my top 3 I do feel a difference of focus when I’m playing games, also there aren’t that many “blue raspberry” type of flavors that are actually as good as this

Awesome stuff

Great stuff I got both kinds and a Druid cup and love it all.


Everything has been perfect, grateful to be sponsored by such a great company, honestly.

Awesome Flavor and Energy

I personally think the flavor is awesome and very tasty. It taste like a blue raspberry. I also had a slow let down instead of the normal crash most energy drinks give. I'm giving a four star because it doesn't fully dissolve so the last sip, or two, were powder but overall the best powder energy drink I've had. Use code TapticalDivrsion for 15%!


Amazing product

Great product!!!

The blue sourstrip flavor is the 💣💣💣!!!! Justadd water and it will amazed you 🤯🤯🤯🤯!! It hypes you up and keeps you focus without the tingly that others give... Totally recommended

Shadowland Shaker

Way to short

Cool shaker, just wish it was the taller.

Blue Sour Strip

I use this product daily for work/gaming purposes and it’s the perfect pick me up to keep me awake and focused. Definitely recommend

Reaction V2 Bubblegum