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Daily Boost Gummies
Ryan Burton

Daily Boost Gummies

Trashy Punch
For sure

It is great with so many things from drinks to others things to mix with as well

Trashy Punch

tastes like fruit punch, gets me energized. everything i expected

Trashy Punch
Robbie Fratscher
Actually good,

it surprised me honestly coming from what seems to be a powder form of red bull but it is reallly good. tastes kind of like strawberry punch or something along the lines!. i’ll be coming back.

Trashy Punch
Kendell Lackey

It's ok.

New Reaction Blue Sour Strip

Good flavour but not SUPER sour

It’s super good great taste just wish it was more sour

Your Flavor
Jeansebastien Bonin-Parent

Your Flavor


Amazing flavor and definitely a boost in performance

Motor City Blue Raspberry is awesome!

Great flavour! And a great way to support the podcast!

New Tee
Bryan Castile
Need more

Why dont you guys have any shirts for female gamers?. Would sell a lot more n i would buy some

Swift Shaker
Cody Mcconnell
Icon shaker

I absolutely love this shaker the colours the logo it all works together nicely and makes this beautiful icon shaker highly recommended💪
"Step into a SWIFT life"

Hydrate Cotton Candy
ethan carson
amazing flavor

Honestly loved this flavor it was very hard to put down it became my go to drink day in and day out

Reviewer avatar
Hydrate Cotton Candy
Keith Berube
Tasty Treat!

The Hydrate Cotton Candy is Really good, and has tons of Flavor. Highly Recommended, if your Caffeine sensitive like me! so Good!


Amazing taste! Product is made very well and the overall product is just so great!

New Big Brain
Noah G
The best

Cant rave about this stuff enough! Has been helping me stay focused throughout the day and I think it’s even made a difference in my gaming!

Tyler dee is the man

GREAT stuff, thanks for the goods Tyler!

Your Flavor
Harry Pickernell Jr
Love it

I love my flavor thank you guys so much for the great product and opportunity

MrKr0ss's Suckerpunch

The flavor is amazing and really helps me focus

Midnight Shaker
Michael Frederick
GREAT shaker

love all these shaker great value and a great price

Your Flavor
Bryce Greggs

Your Flavor

Tastes good but nothing noticeable as energy

Tastes great and something different to drink, just nothing noticeable as far as an energy. Will have to try a different one and review that as well.

Your Flavor
tyler marchmon
Pretty good!

I really did enjoy my flavor. I would have given it 5 stars BUT I just think the flavor profile could be stronger. With this one I tasted almost just like a "sweetness" flavor and not actually what the flavor was really supposed to be. Energy is great and tub size is amazing. If we could nail the flavor a little better 5 stars all around for sure!

Your Flavor
Wolf Blood is awesome

Finally an energy drink I can stick my teeth into with little to no guilt sugar free and allows me to control my caffiene intake a lot better amazing taste too

Your Flavor
Nick Ordorica
Best tasting gamer drink

It has been a blast having my own flavor thanks to you guys my Cucuy-berry(blue raspberry) is something I never thought would happen, with all other types of “gamer fuel” I’ve tried this is most definitely one of the best tasting ones I’ve tried! Only thing I could suggest is maybe a cherry flavor in the future lol